Area of interest
tobacco industry
People involved:
Jlenia Ermacora
Morag McGill
Jose D’Alessandro

Garbuio: the rediscovery of an identity that transforms and innovates.

Garbuio: the rediscovery of an identity that transforms and innovates.

A two-day retreat with Garbuio’s management team, to define together the strategic vision of the company’s business model and values.


Garbuio is a highly international medium-sized company founded in 1989 in Treviso. Initially active in the pasta processing sector, today it designs, builds and installs plants, mainly for tobacco processing. Garbuio's market is characterised by high specialisation, a b2b market, a reduced number of partners and very high quality standards. In twenty-five years it has succeeded in establishing itself among the world's leading suppliers of tobacco processing machinery. In 2006, the evolution of the market and the far-sightedness of the management led to the acquisition of Dickinson Legg, in the UK, an important boost to the development of new products, technologies and processes. In 2014, the German multinational Hauni GMBH, part of the Korber AG industrial group, acquired the Treviso-based group, with the aim of integrating the product portfolio and thus proposing itself as a unique supplier in the world of tobacco and its derivatives, being able to boast the know-how necessary to provide a complete service, from upstream to downstream of production.

The journey

The relationship between Wyde and Garbuio is developed in this panorama, with a path that includes a two-day retreat for the entire management team, called upon to plan their future within an international and competitive context, in continuous evolution.

During the two days of work we were able to:

  • reason about the business model of the future. Over the years, the company has begun to look outside its own market, to understand whether its recognised skills and expertise in providing turnkey projects could be used in other businesses. As the market matured, demand gradually shifted towards relocation, refurbishment and overhaul projects for existing facilities, which are more complex and costly to manage than the historic core business of complete facility projects. 
  • Rethink Garbuio’s identity in the light of the latest transformations that have involved the company. An identity that values the past as the primary source of distinctiveness and heritage matured on the market, and supports the organisation in perceiving itself more and more as a team within a larger group capable of integrating cultural and organisational differences to achieve new and challenging objectives.  

Client's testimony

Luca Drusian, HR business partner at Garbuio, explains why he chose Wyde and clarifies the objectives and results of the process:

“Clients today are asking us less and less for large projects for new plants, in which we implement entire production lines or plants, and more and more for revamping and overhauling existing ones that involve more complex, technically difficult to manage, resource-intensive situations. 

Faced with this change, we realised that our organisational structure is, in some cases, excessively articulated and our processes, designed for the construction of large plants, are too costly. We therefore needed to rethink our business model and the way we approach these new customer requirements. 

Wyde was brought into this scenario to allow the management team to think about how to deal with these two complexities. On the one hand, we worked on our business model plan, to recognise it, tell us about it and share it, to understand what works and what doesn’t work. Wyde helped us with the introduction of a tool that allowed us to experiment a bit with these logics.

On the other hand, we have experienced the complexity of an acquisition and this has led to the need to rethink ourselves as an organisation, to move from the status of “single company in the market” to “team within a larger group”, within which people must find their role and identity. An identity that must take into account who we have been and what we are going to face. Here too, Wyde’s support was fundamental, because it allowed us to start this transformation with an awareness of our values. I think Wyde helped us to have a day of corporate mindfulness, not individual but organisational, useful to renew energy and motivation. 

The aim was to find each other, define the contours of this team and take responsibility for it. I noticed results from the outset: the team moved as a unit, got involved and participated. From my point of view, it even went beyond expectations, showing a level of commitment, discussion and engagement that I am sure will drive change.

I have known Wyde since birth and have always believed in their vocals and the principles that guide them. This time, too, I have had the opportunity to see these principles applied. I believe that their strength is really to put companies in a position to ask themselves the right questions and find the whys, to work in depth on the intrinsic value of the organisation”.

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