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Gregorio Di Leo
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Giorgio Di Tullio
Morag McGill
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Generali: a community of people managers who learn from the future

Generali: a community of people managers who learn from the future

“Meet the Future” is a project designed by Wyde for the community of people managers of the business unit Generali Investments, Asset & Wealth Management and Banca Generali. A series of talks with experts from different fields, with the aim to explore the great changes currently affecting the culture of management, but also to create a new language that can spur positive transformations in the management of both people and business.


Established in 1831, Generali is one of the largest providers of insurance services and investment management worldwide. It is active in 50 countries and it counts almost 72,000 members of staff around the globe. It holds a leading position in Europe and it is increasingly active in both Asia and South America. Generali Investments, Asset & Wealth Management is a business unit of the group: a long-standing experience, the high quality of its professionals and a thorough consideration of the client’s needs are poured into the design of ad-hoc investment strategies. The company aims for ever more innovative solutions that can ensure sustainable results and can have a positive impact on the social context they operate within, anywhere in the world. With approximately 870 employees, more than 50% of which are female, Banca Generali is able to provide innovative solutions for the wealth management market. Its social commitment is constantly renovated by means of cultural initiatives that are activated locally. In 2019, its many projects revolved around the arts, solidarity, savings awareness, and the creation of connections between savings and the real economy.

The journey

In the wake of the great changes brought about by 2020, the business unit has decided to embark on a journey along the lines of the successful series of “Reclaiming Conversations” designed by Wyde.

Emerging management paradigms call for a revision of this role, but also for new visions, stories, viewpoints and tools to tackle the complexity of organization. Thus, a series of virtual talks with philosophers, historians, psychologists, architects and designers will stretch over 2021, focusing on positive transformations and aiming to stir a debate on future challenges. The speakers include Dave Snowden, Meg Pagani, Stefano Mancuso, Pietro Trabucchi and Carlo Ratti. 

Our primary goal is to build a forum for exchange and encounter, to give life to a new language that could enhance the evolution of the organizational context.

In line with Wyde’s strategy, the programme was designed with Morena Marinoni, Gabriella Arba and Giovanna Conzi from the HR team of Generali Investments, Asset & Wealth Management e Banca Generali, resulting in an extremely fruitful collaboration between the in-house team and Gregorio Di Leo, co-founder of Wyde. Di Leo personally defined the programmes for the talks with all Italian and international speakers.

Client's testimony

Giovanna Conzi, Head of Training and Development at Generali Investment, Asset & Wealth Management, made the following statement on the opening day of the programme: «Meet the future is a journey dedicated to all people managers. Our goal is to find answers to the many issues and transformations we are experiencing. We aim to rethink and reinvent our role as people leaders, and with this in mind we are prepared to review how we work together, how we spend time together, how we generate value for our teams and our company. Now more than ever before, we need to focus on where we are going and how, as leadership team and people manager team, we can help build a new way to work, a new normal.

The idea of a new normal is often evoked these days: together with Generali Investments, Asset & Wealth Management, we have looked for keywords for this new normal, and we have found a few. The first one is certainly “courage”, which identifies the strength needed to be a manager in these difficult times. Another keyword is “emotional intelligence”, i.e. the intelligence required to be close to the people and be able to listen. The third and final keyword is “creativity”, which refers to the innovative and creative approach that we have always sought and achieved, as a business unit.

This was our starting point for the design of a new format that should be especially inspirational in these difficult times. A series of conversations with managers, entrepreneurs, designers, architects, outstanding personalities from the academic community and the business world. Each one of these speakers will share their knowledge and experience, pushing us to think out of the box and to move beyond our ordinary experience.

Our aim is to promote a new language, a new work culture, a set of alternative viewpoints to our daily practices. We will promote an experimental lab space for new managerial strategies and for learning how to be managers of ourselves and of our teams.

These talks will help us see to what extent courage, emotional intelligence and creativity, but also entrepreneurial skills, are essential today to manage our people. We have to make extra efforts to actively listen and to be close to our people in these times of great transformation. This is the only way for us to be the protagonists of a change towards an ever more flexible and innovative organization.

Each talk will be followed by a collective moment of reflection on the actual moves everyone of us can make, in line with the competences and the values of the company». 

Wyde is responsible for the identity, the design, the communication and all the materials used to support and enhance internal and external communication. 

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