Area of interest
Chemical application solutions for industry
People involved:
Gregorio Di Leo
Giorgio Di Tullio
Jose D’Alessandro
Sonia Cepollina
Marco Ossani
Daria Pierotti

Lamberti, transforming a century of experience into continuous innovation

Lamberti, transforming a century of experience into continuous innovation

Wyde, Lamberti and Innovation Playground. Three years of training to revolutionize organizational and decision-making processes, to set the path of conscious and sustainable change that today go hand in hand with the company towards new economic goals.


Over 100 years of history, more than a century of innovation in the market of chemical products for the paper, ceramics, cosmetics, construction and many other industries. The history of Lamberti Spa is the story of a small family-owned Italian company that evolved significantly, and today, managed by fourth generation of family members, it competes with big brands of international chemical industry. An evolution that since 1911 has been giving value to people by pursuing a custom-made approach to the customers, is the same orientation that pushes it towards the need to constantly update its organization.

The path

Wyde is penetrated in this scenario, through a journey of positive transformation that involves more than 70 people, from technical figures to the entire management, to trigger a cultivation process of innovation culture. More than 30 days of training in three years, performed through the collaborative learning model of Innovation Playground that guides participants in exploration for new projects and solutions to develop knowledge and future economic results for Lamberti.

Our customers

  • Comavicola

  • Reebok

  • Oney

  • Adidas

  • Diners Club

  • Fedon

  • GP Strategies

  • Sit

  • Manfrotto

  • Riccardo Grassi

  • Tenova

  • Nice

  • ABB

  • Carglass

  • Danieli

  • Dassault Systemes

  • DeAgostini

  • Elettricità Futura

  • Endu

  • FOX

  • Generali Investments

  • IMQ

  • Lamberti

  • Philip Morris

  • Logos

  • QVC

  • Sham

  • Sts Medical Group

  • Studio 71

  • The Fool

  • Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin

  • UL

  • Versace

  • Yves Rocher

  • EDIT

  • Zentiva