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Home automation, Smart Home AND Home Security
People involved:
Gregorio Di Leo
Morag McGill
Luca Quaratino
Marco Ossani

Nice, the value of leadership as a model of innovation

Nice, the value of leadership as a model of innovation

Wyde and Nice, the training journey dedicated to managerial growth to connect and capitalize on management skills of international teams in a high technology innovation sector.


Presence in 100 countries with 14 industrial plants, 13 research and development, distribution and sales centres in 110 countries. This is Nice today, a company from Veneto that has started in 1993 from the production of electrical transmitters for the automation of gates and garage doors. After almost 30 years, now it is a multinational company in Home Automation, Smart Home and Home Security sectors. It is a reference point to the 4.0 industry where design and technology are ingrained into the field of innovation and continuous transformation. Stable growth was supported by acquisitions of key companies in the sector, the opening of new branches to expand on the international market, and the enlargement of the workforce that includes about 2,300 people.

The path

Nice has started the collaboration with Wyde in order to pursue the managerial culture in an open and flexible perspective; Inspired by the rapid change of the contemporary world to fulfil the strong aspiration to trigger the values anchored in people: the most important asset that drives, what the company itself calls, a nonstop innovation.

The necessary step, that takes a form of a 5-day training course on Connective Leadership (80 people involved), is designed to strengthen managerial skills and keep them agile. The aim of the course is to amplify the exchange of knowledge, making relationships more open and facilitating the exchange of ideas and knowledge. With Nice the work is focused on guided development of empowerment and engagement, the creation of the value of conversations and their constant feedback, the enhancement of leadership with capability to manage new processes and organizational models on a large scale.




Client's testimony

As Teo Noschese, Nice Group’s Chief HR Officer, explains well: «We started from a priority need for a company, that has grown very rapidly over the years and has quickly become active in a globalized environment. In other words, we faced the need to create a more organized structure in management functions of second level, who are the key people that everyday manage large national and international teams at Nice.

The work settled with Wyde has been centered on the group’s openness to dialogue and sharing, closely linked to individual responsibilities with the aim of strengthening the organizational managerial capacities of our managers, to involve them in greater innovativeness. Starting from the comprehension that innovation, also for management, never emerges from a delimited perimeter but from an open ground for the development of ideas for a common goal.

Facing an emergency on a global scale, we can clearly perceive the obtained results: a leadership that interacts and encounter without barriers, with an improved flow of internal communication towards stakeholders. It is a new version of managers able to self-generate innovative solutions and transfer them to all the other operational resources that contribute to Nice’s success».

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