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Quality Policy

Wyde S.R.L. aims to reach full client satisfaction as its main objective, that is closely linked to the company image and success. For this reason, since its creation Wyde S.R.L. has been operating considering the fulfilment of clients’ needs and expectations as a leading value.

Therefore, as a strategic action and as a guarantee of correctness in its working methods, Wyde S.R.L. deemed necessary to introduce and implement its own Management System, in line with the specific requirements included in the national norms and regulations about institutional accreditation and in compliance with the internationally recognised standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. This System is based on the process-wise approach indicated in the reference norm. This decision was taken believing that the compliance to such norms, besides giving objective evidence of the high-quality levels already achieved in production processes, leads to a constant improvement based on innovative organisation models, in order to provide more and more efficient services.

The Management System of Wyde S.R.L. is adopted to DESIGN AND PROVIDE TRAINING COURSES

The mission of WYDE S.R.L. is


In full coherence with such principles, Wyde Management defined its general quality goals as follows:

  • suitability for the organisation purposes and context;
  • satisfaction of the applicable mandatory requirements;
  • commitment for constant improvement;
  • recognition of its dependency on the parties involved, with the aim of considering their current and future needs and satisfying their expectations;
  • willingness by the presidency and functional managers to be directly engaged in the achievement of common organisation goals and in the realisation of a collaborative environment to design and implement the quality management system;
  • enhancement and involvement of the human resources for a broad use of their potential and real skills;
  • conception of the company as a system of interrelated processes aimed at optimizing external outcomes;
  • awareness that the waste reduction and the continuous improvement of processes and products is fundamental to stay in the market for the long-term;
  • determination to make decisions based on the timely analysis of reliable data;
  • creation of mutual benefit relationships with suppliers, optimizing possible synergies;
  • improvement of communication processes with internal/external clients;
  • optimization of organisational, technological and financial resources;
  • constant training of the human resources to improve the services;
  • necessary resources guaranteed to the management system; continuous improvement of the provided service and internal organisation, based on predetermined goals that are fixed by the Management during the quality system revision, with proper corrective and preventive actions;
  • dissemination and understanding of this quality policy within the company and development of the human resources professional growth, in order to create an internal environment that fully involves the company personnel in the achievement of quality goals;
  • periodic revision of the quality policy to assess its appropriateness, amending it when necessary;
  • consideration of the indications coming from associations and committees, with particular attention for those directly shared through customer satisfaction questionnaires and customer complaint forms available in the welcome area, by analysing them monthly and taking corrective actions on the critical aspects reported by the users. 

Through the implementation of this policy, Wyde S.R.L. aims to achieve the following goals during the three-year period:

  • consolidation and improvement of its position within the reference market, increasing its profits;
  • achievement of economic competitiveness that meets the requirements of a good management and a fair quality/price ratio in the services provided;
  • retention of long-term clients and acquisition of new ones, trying to meet their contractual requirements, needs and expectations with competitive costs;
  • increased involvement and professional competence at each company level.

The suitability of this quality policy is reassessed by the Management during the revision and redefinition of company strategies.

The information included in this quality policy is:

  1. spread, accepted and implemented within the company through presentation meetings held by the Quality System Manager;
  2. transmitted outside the company and available for VAT registered professionals as a publication on this website or on the notice board.       

To achieve the above-mentioned objectives, Wyde S.R.L. employs all its internal resources, availing itself of external consultants when needed to acquire specific supportive knowledge. The personnel of Wyde S.R.L. shares these goals and is committed to achieving them.

Date, 25/01/2022  

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