The future waits for no one

Our story is written by our clients.
It’s a story of positive change, beginnings, solid connections, fulfilment, creativity and humanity.

Our clients are the main characters. Enthusiasts, dreamers and revolutionaries.

They’re always at the heart of everything we do and everything we think about. Like us, they’ve chosen to approach what they know — and what they don’t — through the lens of curiosity, see old questions in a new light and come up with completely new ones.

Welcome to the future with us.
Let’s write the next chapters of your story.
Join the ranks of many others who’ve chosen to work with us:

Comavicola, Reebok, Oney, Adidas, Diners Club International, Fedon, GP Strategies, Sit, Manfrotto, Riccardo Grassi, Tenova, Nice, ABB, Carglass, Danieli, Dassault Systemes, De Agostini, EDIT, Elettricità Futura, Endu, Fox, Generali, IMQ, Lamberti, Logos, Philip Morris, Sham, Siemens, STS Medical Group, Studio 71, The Fool, Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin, UL, Versace, Zentiva, Yves Rocher, QVC, Aquafil, Burckhardt Compression,, Fileni, Fincantieri, Hermès, Max Mara, Microsoft, Mid Gym, Mosaicon Shoes.

Here you can read about some of the experiences of those we’ve had the joy to collaborate with.

Be inspired. Recognising the flicker that sparked their transformation is the first step towards your own revolution.



Aquafil, the evolution of a team identity

Wyde and Aquafil’s two-year adventure, a Playground that engages the IT function of the company in a positive transformation forming a new identity and shared organizational processes.


High fashion and luxury

Culture and strategy to drive the international growth of a leading high fashion company

The Italian subsidiary of a multinational high fashion luxury brand chooses Wyde to transfer brand values to management and the entire retail network, and to reflect on the position of the Italian subsidiary within the Group’s global map.


Garbuio: the rediscovery of an identity that transforms and innovates.

A two-day retreat with Garbuio’s management team, to define together the strategic vision of the company’s business model and values.


Generali Investments, Asset & Wealth Management

Generali: a community of people managers who learn from the future

“Meet the Future” is a project designed by Wyde for the community of people managers of the business unit Generali Investments, Asset & Wealth Management and Banca Generali. A series of talks with experts from different fields, with the aim to explore the great changes currently affecting the culture of management, but also to create a new language that can spur positive transformations in the management of both people and business.

Lamberti Spa

Lamberti, transforming a century of experience with continuous innovation

Wyde, Lamberti and the Innovation Playground. Three years of training to revolutionize organizational and decision-making processes, to set the path of conscious and sustainable change that today go hand in hand with the company towards new economic goals.


International Publishing Group

New ideas and projects start in the classroom: the case of a well-known international publishing group

Wyde brings the management of an international publishing house with Italian roots to the classroom.
The objective? To nurture the ability to conceive and design, to expand the education sector of the publishing group through Innovation Playground methodology.


Nice, the value of leadership as a model of innovation

Wyde and Nice, the training journey dedicated to managerial growth to connect and capitalize on management skills of international teams in a sector of high-technology and innovation.


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  • Comavicola

  • Reebok

  • Oney

  • Adidas

  • Diners Club

  • Fedon

  • GP Strategies

  • Sit

  • Manfrotto

  • Riccardo Grassi

  • Tenova

  • Nice

  • ABB

  • Carglass

  • Danieli

  • Dassault Systemes

  • DeAgostini

  • Elettricità Futura

  • Endu

  • FOX

  • Generali Investments

  • IMQ

  • Lamberti

  • Philip Morris

  • Logos

  • QVC

  • Sham

  • Sts Medical Group

  • Studio 71

  • The Fool

  • Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin

  • UL

  • Versace

  • Yves Rocher

  • EDIT

  • Zentiva